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School-Based Claiming

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We understand public health care financing.
After all, we’re public, too.

The Center for Health Care Financing is a public consulting firm that takes a mission-driven approach to health care financing. We are dedicated to helping state and local agencies maximize resources to better serve their clients. Applying the knowledge and resources of the University of Massachusetts Medical School, we offer a variety of services to state and local agencies, including:

  • Health Care Financing Strategies
  • Third Party Benefit Coordination
  • Optimizing Medicare Payments
  • Financial & Program Compliance
  • Public Provider Claiming
    - School-Based Claiming
The Center for Health Care Financing is unique among health care consulting agencies. The Center is a public entity, focused solely on improving state and local health care. To learn more about the Center and its services, please visit For more information on Commonwealth Medicine, click here.